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The Money Grab

While I am very happy with my current position, sometimes it would be nice to have a bit more money to work with.  When things get particularly tight, there always seems to be someone who wants a bit more than I feel I can afford.  Lease renewal, there is an additional $150 per month, health insurance open enrollment, now there is an additional $75 per pay check, the list goes on and on.  Seems everyone seizes the opportunity for the money grab. 

Money Grab is a generic term that means someone or some entity is taking what they can while they can.  Leasing companies are the worst, especially when the property is taken over by a new management company. 

They invested a considerable sum to acquire your property and are going to do everything they can to recoup that investment.  All of a sudden, I have a charge for natural gas.  My unit does not have natural gas, just electric but the community swimming pool and spa uses gas so everyone now has to pony up their share for an amenity we …

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